The Can of Nothing Soundtrack Vol. 1: The Live Action Tracks

by The Can of Nothing

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Original music we created for our live action videos at The Can of Nothing! Please feel free to download them and use them in your own projects, free of charge! If you do use them we just ask that you credit us as the composers. And hey, send us a link to the work so we can see it! Also, if you'd like, you can buy the music! But no pressure.

Thanks for listening!


released February 5, 2014

All music and lyrics written by Derek Achoy and Phil.



Track Name: Breakfast - Welcome to Techno


(repeat as necessary)
Track Name: Delivery - Pyrple Rayne
Pyrple Rayne, Pyrple Rayne

(repeat as necessary)
Track Name: Birthmonth Rap 2007
Birthday celebration's here
Can of Nothing, seven years
Oh no, wait, it's not one day
It's a month, that's 30 days!

Web site for an empty can
Started it without a plan
Spray you in the face, my friend
How you like them apples, man?!

Can't believe this rap's so long
Haha, yeah, just like your mom!
Kinda rhymes, but makes no sense
Let's just rap the main event

Nothing left there is to say
Speak like Yoda is the way
Seven beats for all these lines
Except for this one because remember that rhyme about the days of the month and how when they reach February it just stops rhyming and the syllable scheme goes all wonky? It's like that.
Track Name: Birthmonth Rap 2008
Yo! It's that time of year again!
Celebrating with our can
Spray you in the face, my friend
Haha, not this year, good man!

Yo! Stealing lines from last year's rap!
New ideas, they're so bad!
Rhyming words to fill up time
Hey, that's s'posed to be my line!

Yo! Rapping's getting out of hand!
Let's make it about the can!
Okay, Phil, just start us off!

Yo! Starting every verse with "Yo!"
Can of Nothing eight years old!
Or maybe not, we can't be sure!
'Cause we just estimated based on the posted dates of some of the old content from the original site way back when it was on Geocities, but we've mentioned that a long time ago so don't be so surprised.
Track Name: Birthmonth Rap 2009
Yo Birthmonth! It's here again!
Sitting in the basement with my friend.
Spray you in the face?
Not this time.
Gonna be nice.

Nine years old we celebrate
Repeating raps is really great
Eating cake and giving gifts
Not but expensive ones.

Freestyling is really hard
That's why this part isn't hard
Because it's written
on a page
the one we're reading.
Track Name: Birthmonth Rap 2010
Happy birthmonth, Can of Nothing
Ten years old, that's really nothing!
The Simpsons lasted much, much longer
And it was much, much stronger!

Rapping every year is fun
Eating cake is really fun
Getting gifts is really fun
That's why birthmonth time is fun!

Ten more years I hope we go
I like ice cream in my coke
Making vids to make you laugh
*Strange noises* (We always rap with jazzy hats)

Hey, Phil, it's time to go
But I have one more thing to show
What would that be, my good man?
I bought a new spray can.
Track Name: Birthmonth Rap 2011
Birthmonth...Hi, here were are
Rapping again underneath the stars
It's not even night, put on your shades
You'll look real cool, you'll get the babes

Eleven years ago we weren't alive
Scratching a lot, I've got the hives
Stay away from me, or I'll spray you in the face
Not until we have some birthmonth cake

Web site got a new design
Made by Justin B. Evans
Why don't you stick to the rhyme?
Why should I?

How much longer can we go?
Another ten years, maybe mo'?
Finish your sentence, don't be shy
But rapping makes me speak real fly!

Fly, fly!
Fly, fly!
Fly, fly!
Fly, fly!
Track Name: Just Words - Just Sayin' the Words
Just words!
Just words! (You're just words!)
We're just sayin' the words
coming out of my mouth
Just words! (Oh you're just sayin' them!)

We're just sayin' the words (Just the words!)
and the words are sayin' me (sayin' you!)
Just sayin' the words (You're just words!)
The words
And the words! (Just words!)

Just words! (Sayin' the words!)
Just words! (You're just words!)
We're just sayin' the words
Coming out of my mouth
Just words!
We're just sayin' the words!